Ekipe „Čistoće“ i danas suzbijaju komarce na više lokacija u Beogradu

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Timovi „Clean City“ continue to fight mosquitoes at several locations in Belgrade today.

Teams from the Ecology and Environmental Improvement Department of the Belgrade City Utility Company „Clean City“ are conducting an action to suppress adult mosquitoes in various parts of the city using ground devices, weather permitting.

The mosquito suppression action began at 03:00 and will cover the Danube coast from Pupin Bridge to Pancevo Bridge, from Bela Stena to Ada Huja, Ada Huja, Paradajz Island, SP „Jajince“, Rakovica village and Staro Kijevo.

Other areas to be covered include Strazevica, Miljakovac Forest, Ralja, Tresnja, Suplja stena, Saj, settlement 13. maj, Govedji brod, Zaklopaca, road to Vrcin, embankment Dunavac-Besni fok, Ripanj, Sremcica, Karaburma-Calije, Stara Karaburma, Surcin, Radio head, Velika Mostanica, Lestane, Bolec, Mirijevo, Resnik, Lestane, and Kaludjerica.

The preparations used by the teams of the Belgrade City Utility Company „Clean City“ for mosquito suppression treatment are registered and approved by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and are listed on the Temporary List of Biocidal Products.

The „Clean City“ urges citizens to secure physical barriers against mosquitoes on their windows, to empty water reservoirs in their yards, such as flower pot saucers, tires, old barrels, and to use repellents and prescribed preparations for septic tanks if they have them, in order to facilitate the unhindered work of the „Clean City“ teams.

They also appeal to beekeepers to take necessary measures to protect bees during mosquito suppression actions at locations where the treatments are being conducted.

The teams from the Belgrade City Utility Company „Clean City“ will continue to carry out mosquito suppression actions in the coming days if weather conditions allow it.

If citizens notice an increase in the number of mosquitoes at a certain location, they can report it to the service center of the City of Belgrade on the phone number 11-0-11, on weekdays from 07:00 to 22:00, and on Saturdays from 08:00 to 14:00.

(Source: Tanjug)

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